Yew Pyramid 6ft



Species:Taxus baccata , English Yew
\nShape:topiary pyramid, Egyptian pyramid
Hight: 180cm -6ft above the soil

\nRate of growth: Slow growing

\nPosition: sun or shade

\nSoil Type: Fertile, well-drained soil

\nPlanter type: Supplied in standard pot


\nThis beautiful perfectly shape Taxus baccata topiary pyramid will offer a stylish, decorative look to any garden, and the deep dark foliage helps bring out the contrast of more colourful specimens.
\nThe stylish and classic shape of this Yew plant will look beautiful lining any pathway or flanking any steps or doorway.
\nThis dense, evergreen pyramid will create a striking focal point, perfect for adding texture and structure to any garden border.
\nYew topiary tree requires fairly low maintenance and will look beautiful all year round.
\nThe crisp glossy green colour of the foliage can also help brighten up any current garden design.
\nThis Taxus topiary pyramid is perfect for either a sunny or more shaded area offering you flexibility to position.
\nThese topiary plants should be planted in ground .

\nCare and Maintenance:

\nTopiary pyramid should be trimmed around mid-late summer to maintain the shape.

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