Verigated Holly Topiary Cone 180cm




Large Silver Holly Cone 150cm above the pot and 180cm including pot

A handsome holly with verigated, moderately broad,
oval leaves, regularly spined and neatly margined with creamy white.
It is a female holly and very free fruiting.
Holly leaves are not necessarily spiny throughout their height.

Silver-variegated hollies would make a good backdrop to grey and white-themed plantings.

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Care Tips

Hollies prefer well-drained sandy soil but will thrive in all soils, apart from water-logged conditions.
Keep the area surrounding a newly planted holly weed free by mulching or covering with a mulch mat.
If a holly has to be moved, lift carefully in late-winter or early spring, making sure you remove a large root ball.
Water carefully for a year.
Hollies grow slowly and often appear to stand still for two or three years.
Raise new plants from cuttings taken in late-summer or autumn. These cuttings must be pruned carefully.
Take one leading shoot from the centre and tie in to a cane,
shortening the other shoots. Aim for a slender, pyramidal shape.
Plants raised from berries will be variable –
but berries can be propagated by planting them in pots of sand placed in a cold frame or somewhere cool during winter.
Clip holly hedges and topiarised hollies in August.
If variegated hollies produce plain green shoots, remove them promptly.
Hollies can tolerate pollution, maritime conditions and wind