Quercus Ilex Multistem plants 7ft



Species: Quercus Ilex,Holm Oak

Shape: Potted hedging plants multistems plants

Size : 200cm (7ft) above pot with 10plus stems

Rate of growth: very slow

Position: sun or partial shade

Soil Type: any well-drained soil

Planter type: Supplied in standard plastic 30 litre pot

Description:Quercus ilex is a variety of evergreen oak.
Its tolerance of many growing conditions and pollution make it a very versatile plant, often used in urban and coastal settings. It will make lovely dense, evergreen hedge. Because is slow growing it will require very little maintenance . This Holm Oak hedging plant has dark green leaves which are leathery whitish underside.
Often the lower leaves are spiny, giving a resemblance to the Common Holly

Garden Care Very low maintenance tree. If the plant remain in planter feeding with liquid fertilizer will be required. This should be done between March and August about ones a week. Also you need to remember about regular watering, and never let compost to dry out. Trimming should be done in late spring.