Privet Lollipop Tree 150cm



Species:Ligustrum Delavayanum
Shape:topiary standad, lollipop tree
Height: 120cm above the pot and 150cm including pot

Approximate diameter: 40cm

Rate of growth: relatively slow growing

Position: sun or shade

Soil Type: range of well-drained soils

Hardy: hardy but need protection during very cold winters

Planter type: Supplied in standard pot

Semi-evergreen lollipop topiary tree with small dark green leaves, small white flowers in spring/summer and blue-black small fruits in autumn. It has nice straight stem and can be used to decorate entrance or can be planted in line.
Tree has small glossy leaves similar to buxus.

Care and Maintenance:

Ligustrum shapes will need trimming in spring and late summer.
If the plants remaining in pots regular feeding and watering will be required.

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