Pleached Hornbeam



Species: Carpinus Betulus
Shape:Full standard fresh pleached tree
Height: overall height is 350cm

Approximate Frame size: 180 wide x 120cm high

stem : clear stem 200cm, Girth 18cm

Position: sun or light shade

Soil Type: most of well-drained soils

Planter type: Supplied as rootball from November till March


Common Hornbeam pleached screen panels will offer a formal, decorative look to any garden.
Carpinus betulus is deciduous tree with broad green leaves. It holds on to its coppery autumn leaves through the winter, making it and ideal choice for screening. Hornbeam is weather resistant and fully hardy.
Pleached trees are most commonly used to create boundaries and internal divides, to enclose sections and terraces without robing them of light, and the line paths to create formal avenues.

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