Large Buxus Cone Shrub 170cm (6ft) (Copy)



“b>Species: Box (Buxus Sempervirens)
\nShape: Topiary cone

\nHeight: 150cm above the pot, overall height is 180cm

\nApproximate Diameter: 40cm

\nRate of growth: Slow growing

\nPosition: sun or shade

\nSoil Type: most fertile soils but prefers slightly alkaline,

\nPlanter type: Supplied in standard pot

\nDescription:Small leaved tightly grown evergreen box plants make fantastic topiary of all shapes.
Our box topiary can be grown to any size, the dark green foliage is thick and present year round.
This plant can be kept in shape by clipping when needed,
although it will not lose its compact appearance if left to its own devices.
Buxus cones look superb as centre pieces in planters and pots

\nCare and Maintenance:

\nThe buxus ball should be trimmed around mid-late summer
you should then carry out rejuvenating pruning in late Spring or as required to maintain the shape.
\n After pruning a slow release fertiliser should be added to the base of the plant ensuring none touches the leaves or stem.
\n You should also ensure than the soil or compost remains moist and is never allowed to dry out.

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