Ilex Aquifolium Half Standard



Green holly half Standard 150cm including pot

‘Stylish, elegant, beautiful’ are just some of the words which have been used to describe this perfectly shaped Standard Holly Tree.
With its thick, straight, sturdy stem and ‘hand pruned’ lollipop head
makes a Ilex Aquifolium unique addition to any garden and will be a treasured possession for years to come.
This premium quality Holly Standard has a thick stem.

It is a slow growing evergreen plant very often used in topiary for it’s glossy, dark green leaves.
This Ilex aquifolium Standard will grow in full sun or partial shade in.
It is a hybrid between Ilex aquifolium and Ilex cornuta and is exceptional for its vigour and readiness to make a small single stemmed tree.
Smooth dark glossy leaves contrast well with the red berries in autumn.

Garden care: Keep well-watered during the growing season and feed with a slow-release fertilizer.
Clip established plants lightly twice during the summer months to retain a balanced shape.

Size: 120cm above the pot, head 50cm pot is 35 litre.