Large Bay Tree Half Standard



Species: Bay Tree, Laurus Nobilis, Sweet Leave Bay Tree
Shape: half standard tree, lollipop tree
Height:150cm above the pot, clear stem 80cm plus head 80cmcm

Rate of growth: relatively slow growing

Soil Type: Fertile, well-drained soil with low moisture

Planter type: Supplied in standard pot aprox 40cm


This beautiful topiary tree has a beautiful thick sturdy stem
and is very pleasing to your eye.
The thick, light green leaves make this bay tree a real favourite
for topiary and is a great size and will create a striking focal
point, perfect for adding texture and structure to any garden.
This attractive topiary tree can lift a property making a real
statement to porch entrances and will look stunning paraded
as a pair and will instantly transform the appearance of any
Bay leaves can be used fresh or dried and can be used in
cooking to give a fragrant flavour.
The tree requires fairly low maintenance and will look beautiful
all year round.
This Laurus Nobilis is perfect in sun and shaded areas.

Care and Maintenance:

The Tree ball should be trimmed around mid-late summer

you should then carry out rejuvenating pruning in late Spring
or as required to maintain the shape.
Water regularly but do not over water, only make sure the root
ball does not dry out.

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