10x Cherry Laurel Hedge Potted Plants 6/7ft




Name:Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia, Cherry laurel, common laurel, English laurel
Shape:hedge plant, nice bushy evergreen plants
Height:180cm above the pot and 7ft including the pot

Rate of growth: fast growing

Position: sun, partial shade or shade

Soil Type: range of well-drained soils expect shallow chalk.

Hardy: hardy
Hedge spacing: We recommend planting laurel hedge between 60-100cm apart ( approximately 2-3ft apart)

Planter type: Supplied in 40 litre pot, available for planting and delivery all year

Cherry Laurel Hedges can be used to form screening , mark barier, or as an evergreen feature in the garden.
Prunus hedges are easy to maintain thanks to the superb density and hardiness.
Hedges can be planted in any well-drained soil and they do grow well in sun or partial shade.
Laurel will grow up to 60cm per year. You can keep laurel hedge at any height by trimming it once a year.

Care and Maintenance:

The Cherry Laurel hedges should be trimmed annually, ideally late summer to maintain the shape and height.
Potted hedging plants can be planted all year round.

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